FOR SALE: MOE mags (3,4) and kits

Hey guys!

I am cleaning some of my stuff out and I have some Hanson stuff I've decided to part with.

I have 2 MOE magazines, number 3 and 4. Both are in great condition.
I also have two membership kit DVDs: 2.2 and 2.3

I probably have a poster or two kicking around here, I just haven't come across 'em yet.

Please e-mail me if interested (, as I have a love/hate relationship with LJ and don't check on here that often :/ I have Paypal.

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In Search Of

Anthem glasses & Anthem coasters [will pay top dollar for these]
denim carry all
Black SIO squares tank XL
Misc. Tshirts in size XL or XXL (unisex cut ONLY) [Let me know what you're willing to get rid of and I'll let you know if it's something I'm missing]
Embroidered Hanson cardigan (XL/XXL) [will pay top dollar for this!!!]
Underneath hoodie (XL/XXL)
The Walk tour hoodie (XL/XXL)
SIO hoodie (XL/XXL)
Hanson EST 1992 Hoodie (XL/XXL) in any color except gray.

Contact me via comment here or via email:

Updated list

Here's my updated list. Thanks so far to the sellers I've bought from!
If anyone is selling items from the list please email me at with prices. I'm in the UK, use PayPal & only buy for my own collection; I do not sell on.

- Red alumni hoodie (XL)
- Retro brown MON t-shirt (XL)
- Live at the Fillmore DVD (UK compatible)
- Album charms (MON, TTA, Underneath, The Walk, SIO, Hanson Symbol)
- Denim carry all bag
- Keychains (Cassette, Live & electric, Symbol (not MOE), Blue material lanyard)
- Making of 'Shout it Out' documentary DVD
- 'Hear those jingle bells' Christmas ornament

Plus anything from the '97 era
If you have a large collection to sell I'd be really interested to see what items are available, even if nothing is listed above

Hanson Anthem Glasses set

I purchased these before they sold out. These glasses are unused, and new and will not be put back on again. A limited item sold at MOE and online that many missed out on. If you are interested I have pictures just leave your email address and make an offer if interested.
Default - Isaac Hanson

Hanson Things for sale!!!

HANSON COLLECTIBLES FOR SALE!!! **JUST MAKE AN OFFER! via comment or via Email to**
Photos available on request

Middle Of Nowhere Acoustic CD/DVD (used condition)
At The Fillmore DVD (used condition)
Underneath Acoustic Live DVD (used condition)

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