itznatalie_97 (itznatalie_97) wrote in hansonyardsale,

Updated list

Here's my updated list. Thanks so far to the sellers I've bought from!
If anyone is selling items from the list please email me at with prices. I'm in the UK, use PayPal & only buy for my own collection; I do not sell on.

- Red alumni hoodie (XL)
- Retro brown MON t-shirt (XL)
- Live at the Fillmore DVD (UK compatible)
- Album charms (MON, TTA, Underneath, The Walk, SIO, Hanson Symbol)
- Denim carry all bag
- Keychains (Cassette, Live & electric, Symbol (not MOE), Blue material lanyard)
- Making of 'Shout it Out' documentary DVD
- 'Hear those jingle bells' Christmas ornament

Plus anything from the '97 era
If you have a large collection to sell I'd be really interested to see what items are available, even if nothing is listed above

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