September 15th, 2008

WANTED: Various RARE Hanson items

I am looking for the following items to complete my Hanson collection. I realise that anybody lucky enough to own these is a) unlikely to part with them, and b) even more unlikely to part with them for anything less than top dollar, so I am willing to pay a good price for the right item. I have invested thousands of pounds in my collection over the years and am looking to complete it with the few particularly rare items that I am still looking for!

If you own any of these items then please let me know what sort of price you'd be looking at to part with them and I'd be happy to consider it.


HANSON.NET MEMBERSHIP CARD (2003) - to replace a lost one!

Hanson - The Walk - Chinese Bootleg (comes in wooden box cover and includes songs from the Chinese releases of Underneath, 3CG & MON)

HANSON CALENDARS 2006 & 2007-08

HANSON SKATEBOARD - any condition

MAYFEST POSTER (only interested if in mint condition as it is to replace a torn one)

Hanson - Scholastic Classroom Magazine Sampler cassette tape

Underneath Acoustic Tour EPK DVD (2004)

Someone (Laissons nouse un chance) Feat. Emma Daumas (Canadian promo)

Gimme Some Lovin' single (German version w/ Christmas Time etc, not the one with just Gimme Some Lovin)

Live & Electric Hoodie in SMALL (I have it in a large but I am definitely a size small so I want a size that I can actually wear!)

MOE Frisbee - any condition

I know this is a shot in the dark but these are items that I am constantly scouring ebay and the internet for so it's worth a try!

I am also always interested in buying/trading rare Hanson items that you think I might not have. I have pretty much all the standard CDs/DVDs/apparel/merch, am just after particularly unusual items or gaps in my collection.

NB: I live in the UK and am happy to cover P+P on top of the price you quote.

Please email me if you own any of the above and would consider selling for the right price!
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