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Looking for Hanson pre fame stuff!

I'm looking for RARE pre fame Hanson stuff:
- The Beginning (tape)
- Trinity for Christ (tape)
- Hanson live in 1994 (tape)
- Altar (pre fame Christmas song)
- TAYLOR AND DIANA INTERVIEW (Approx. 17 mins long of Taylor and Diana being interviewed by HOT101 Radio Station)

Pre fame video:
- Before They Were Rock Stars
- Tulsa Mall COMPLETE performance
- Channel 6 News COMPLETE performance
- Cross talk (GOOD QUALITY)
- Dr Pepper Audition (GOOD QUALITY)

RARE pre fame photos or articles

I live in Italy. I use PAYPAL! Leave a comment or e-mail me for info franf94@outlook.com!
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Selling Hanson Merchandise ASAP

All of the T-Shirts have been sold. I now have...

- MOE Magazines. I prefer at least $10 each.
- A Rare Hanson Hat that looks pretty worn but usable.
- Hanson.net CDs
- Rare pictures.
- Hanson books.

If anyone is interested, I will edit this with pictures. I need to get rid of these as soon as possible because I am moving, so feel free to post offers. I don't really know what this stuff goes for.

- I only accept payments through pay-pal.
- Prices do not include shipping & handling.
- I will have to weigh the package to determine what that will be.
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Selling Hanson Merch? Forward An Email to Me =D

Hey yall! I am looking to buy stuff to add to my merch collection. Im not looking for anything in particular but if ur trying to get rid of stuff send me an email heatherhitz@yahoo.com. LJ is new to me and I may forget that I have an account and it be a while till im on next. I made this account so I could contact a few people that were selling and I am making this ad for future people who post to LJ.
P.S. If ur looking for merch I have tons to sell too just LMK email me preferably =D

Hanson Collection Sale

You can email me at super_amy_nova@yahoo.ca if anything catches your eye or you need more info.

Hanson collection as of Sept. 22, 2013


hanson.net 2.2 membership cd (so lovely, call me, need you now, never let go)

underneath with special dvd edition, UPC 8 81861 04012 7
underneath acoustic - one NEW sealed and one opened, UPC 8 29757 21392 7
underneath - japan with bonus tracks

if only 5 track remix - australian exclusive enhanced cd including video clip, upc 7 31456 26942 9
if only 4 track remix (radio, uk radio, paris club, paris dub), 3 interview clips (mexico)
if only 4 tracks (radio, lp, look at you live from albertane, album snippets of this time around/runaway run/in the city) made in germany

penny & me, 4 tracks, UPC 8 81861 04032 5

i will come to you , 6 track remix (tee's), canada, upc 7 31456 83752 9
i will come to you, 4 track (england), upc 7 31456 80672 3

an interview with hanson, popview 1998, includes limited edition picture disc, mini poster, liner notes, UK, isbn 1-86219-320-7
hanson mm talk (interview), UK, Popview includes limited edition picture disc, mini poster, liner notes, (never came with the sticker)
hanson star profile, 1999, 100 pic book with audio documentary, upc 6 58926 85562 6

pepsi music live: man from milwaukee (live at ny city beacon theatre Aug 1997)

teenmag.com music 2000 vol. 1 enhanced cd with exclusive video footage

wish that i was there, 2 track single, hard rock live mexico

weird, 3 track remix (south beach mix, movo mix and guitar mix)
weird, 4 track, upc 7 31456 85412 0
weird, 4 track: 3 of weird and one of Yearbook, upc 7 31456 86252 1

this time around, 3 track remix of this time around, lonely again, if only (radio, non-lp, dub-trip hop) and this time around video, UPC 7 31456 28392 0
this time around, 5 track with bonus sticker, australia, upc 731456 285627, NEW still sealed
this time around album with bonus tracks 14. smile 15. lonely again, upc 7 31454 24522 7

the princess diaries, track 10 "wake up" by hanson, upc 0 50086 07317 7

middle of nowwhere - japan (gold foil cover are stickers) has bonus track 13. mmm bop (berman bros. radio mix)

where's the love, 4 track (radio, berman bros., tommy d dubs), upc 7 31456 81512 1
where's the love, 4 track (album, radio, 12", instrumental radio), japan
where's the love collector's edition (disc 1), upc 7 31457 48672 6
where's the love, 5 track (disc 2), upc 7 31457 48652 8

thinking of you, 4 track with limited edition poster cd, UPC 7 31456 61272 0
thinking of you, 4 track (with river and stories), UPC 31456 88132 4
thinking of you, 2 track, UPC 7 31456 88122 5

mmmbop 2 track (single, album), UPC 7 31457 44982 0
mmmbop, 4 track (single, album, dust bros., hex), UPC 7 31457 44992 9

snowed in: japan version 2 cds with i will come to you, and 1998 calendar - NEW still sealed

3 car garage - indie recordings '95 - '96


hanson underneath acoustic live dvd 2004, bonus interview and documentary trailer

hanson tour book: the underneath tour
hanson tour book: this time around 2000

MOE magazines: issues 3, 4, 6 and 10

Magazine: Disney Adventures, Feb. 1998, hanson on cover and interview
Magazine: Seventeen Dec. 1997, hanson on cover and interview

Hanson, the official book by Jarrod Gollihare

four group posters 2000 and 1990's (can send pictures)

navy ball cap, hanson (embroidered in white and blue), by startcap, new york, wool/acrylic, one size

HANSON official pendant and earrings (earrings are minus the hooks)
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Hi everyone! I've got a ton of Hanson merchandise I want to get rid of. I can post pictures if you're interested in the item. Right now I want to see whose interested first before I do the work. I can also include several real pictures of Hanson with these packages.

These are pretty much up for offers.

Hanson Hat $60 ?
Several New & Old T-Shirts (I got these for hundreds of dollars and I have barely worn them. Would like them for at least $250)
MOE Magazines

If I left anything out I will update this post as needed.